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Sabio: A Culinary Journey


A collection of thirty dishes taken from Sophia Dias' travels across the world since her early youth. Pulling specifically from the countries of Portugal, France, Turkey, India, China, Japan and among many others, "Sábio" takes the reader through the life journey of Sophia Dias, with dishes both large and small!


I began my culinary adventures and pursuit of creativity at a very early age while attending boarding school. My five years there gave me good overall knowledge on how to cook healthy fresh food.

Then later in life, traveling across the globe, meeting incredible people and enjoying various cuisines including street food in Kingston, Jamaica, it has allowed me to expand my culinary range. I've been lucky to have visited and study cooking in a wide variety of places including Luzern, Istanbul, Sanghai, Sydney and even Mozambique also known by the Portuguese as Republica de Mocambique. I also attended with great joy, culinary institutions in Paris, Lisbin, Hong Kong, Thailand and Be Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago.

I dedicated this culinary book to the current and past residents of the Madonna House and House of Good Shepherd in Chicago, and all the children of orphanages and shelters across the Ukraine, Israel, Kong Kong and many other countries that gave me the opportunity to express my love for their people through food.

I also dedicated this book to my daughter, Shaday, for encouraging and supporting and enjoying my creative adventures. This truly is a labor of love and much love to all!


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