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A Feature Film Inspired by the Real Life Events of Sophia Dias

The Movie

"One woman is the target. Even a direct hit can't keep her down."


Story by Sophia Dias. Screenplay by Ranelle Golden

Inspired by real-life events, this is the story of Sophia as she overcomes abuse and oppression placed upon her with the intent to kill. Sophia was a successful self-made woman when she fell in love with Gordon, the seemly perfect man who loved her for her, as she loved him. At the beginning of their years together, they lived in China. Sophia's life with Gordon started as any new love and marriage would, time together, traveling, and experiencing the world as a couple. They had goals and dreams. But, unfortunately, they also had Jennifer, Gordon's ex-wife watching over them, pulling the strings to control what did or didn't happen. Jennifer's dark and sadistic tendencies were not something to take lightly.


Sophia and Gordon returned to the states to distance themselves from the control and abuse that Jennifer inflicted upon them. Unfortunately, this escalated things to a dangerous level, putting Sophia in a world of darkness she did not want to live in. Her life was in peril. Gordon was slowly being worn down and manipulated by the puppet master Jennifer. She had brought in her greatest asset to add to her arsenal of control tactics, Susannah. Gordon couldn't resist the temptations. He may have loved Sophia once but moved to the dark side with sex addiction, blackmail, and physical abuse, all putting his billion-dollar company at risk. A company he'd founded with Jennifer.


Sophia found herself trapped in a whirlwind of abuse forced to travel the world with Gordon and those who would take her life from her if they could. Then, as Sophia learned the truth, planning her escape and reclaiming her life became vital to her survival. But first, she'd lose everything.  How could she find her way out of the darkness after so much torture and torment? Would she be able to dream again? Would her faith lift her from the depths of hell she'd come to know?

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The Music

Music from Sophia's Soul. Take a journey through survival and perseverance, as you listen to Sophia tell her story and the story through her music. She recorded her first seven track album at the Tough Going Studios in Jamaica with world reknowned Music Producer Clive Hunt.  

Learn more about Sophia's 7 Track Album here: Bullet Proof Music

The Book

Inspired by actual events from my life. The story takes place throughout the world, from a love story to a story of survival from horrific abuse. Proof that when enemies knock you down, with a bit of faith and help from allies, you can rise up to become more than you ever were. 

The experiences from my life that inspire the book will show you that you can survive. Today, I have been empowered to become more than I had ever dreamed. Now I have an international presence as an Author, Music Artist, Fashion Designer, and Film Producer. You can do great things too.  

Get the book here:

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