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Sophia Dias

World renown fashion designer, chef and author

Sophia Dias was born in Goa, India, and has lived all over the world. Now residing in Chicago, Illinois, her reach is still worldwide. Sophia, a self-made millionaire, is best known for her culinary skills, fashion designs, and, most recently, the release of her first album in over twenty-two countries. Now, she has taken on a new role in the film industry as an Executive Producer. Sophia is building a team of highly-qualified professionals to bring her book to the big screen as BULLET-PROOF.

Her book "Sábio: A Culinary Journey" and "Blindee Preuve," inspired by her life, can be found on Amazon and other bookstores. Sophia is the founder and CEO of Dias Worldwide, a high-end fashion brand based in Portugal, Italy, and the United States. She is a proud activist supporting the causes of women, destitute people, deprived children, and homelessness worldwide.

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The Book, Music and "coming soon" Movie about Sophia's Life



30 Recipes from Sophia's life around the World. 

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Inspire by Sophia's Life - her first 7 track album is out now. 


Fashion and Design

Modern Designs Meets Sophia in these High-End Futurist Glasses, Coats and "coming soon" Lingere. 

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Public Speaking

Inspire your audiences. TOPICS: Surviving Domestic Violence, Rising by Lifting Others and Entrepreneurship. 

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